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Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining an ERP: The Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions

June 19, 2014

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an integrated software package, which connects business processes and functions from the back office to frontline staff, by facilitating the flow of business critical information throughout the organisation. Promising significant payback in terms of efficiency and process improvements, traditionally ERP systems have been both costly and time consuming to implement and maintain, discouraging widespread adoption in both large-scale and smaller business operations. Only recently have ERP systems come back onto the agenda for many strategic and IT decision makers due to the rise of cloud-based technologies. Taking considerable legwork out of traditional installation,

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Is Financial Data Secure in the Cloud?

June 5, 2014

Proven to deliver comprehensive efficiency gains and significant cost savings, more and more core business processes are being migrated to the cloud. From HR and marketing to product development and manufacturing, cloud based applications and services are everywhere, but are the potential risks involved too high when it comes to the handling of financial data? Or do the benefits of cloud adoption outweigh any drawbacks in today’s competitive business environment? In this post we take a brief look at the issue of cloud safety, what it means for businesses handling financial data, and discuss how a risk-based approach can empower

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AccountingWeb Quiz our CFO Knut Ronning

May 23, 2014

We had a fantastic few days at Accountex last week, it was a great event with great people. Just before it all wrapped up for the day, John Stokdyk from AccountingWeb cornered our CFO Knut Ronning to see how Xledger allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the business.

Part II – When is an App not an App?

May 14, 2014

Part 2 As users of the Internet we might not understand how technology allows us to access the wealth of information and range of applications that are now available, but we do expect web sites to behave in a particular way. And as technology develops, our expectations rise. In particular, we expect to be able to access the Internet on a mobile phone – and use it. In Part 1, I explained the two basic different ways of delivering software applications, and the advantages the user will gain from the way that at Xledger we deliver our mobile solutions as

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Part I – When is an App not an App?

May 12, 2014

Part 1 We are very pleased to be rolling out the latest addition to Xledger Touch – the ability for users to enter their expense claims using their mobile phone. Employees can take a photo of their expense receipts, enter the details of what they were for and send them to their line manager for approval and reimbursement. Technically, Xledger Touch is a server-based application designed specifically for use on a smart phone. It is not an ‘app’ that is downloaded from an app store. The following explanation describes two different ways of delivering a software application and why it

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Save Money by using True Cloud ERP over ‘Cloud In Disguise’

May 2, 2014

In today’s world, cloud technology is becoming a big part in the way we store, access and share data, and it’s now starting to become the chosen way that businesses choose to do their ERP. But are you using a true cloud ERP system or ‘cloud in disguise’? To keep up with the changes, some companies that weren’t traditionally cloud are now changing their systems to offer delivery over the Internet to appear to offer a cloud solution. But although these systems may offer aspects that are similar, they can’t offer the same benefits of a true cloud ERP system

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Accounting Software Fully Integrated with your Bank

April 9, 2014

Xledger are pleased to announce that we are now fully integrated with HSBC. If you bank with RBS, Natwest or now HSBC, Xledger will automatically reconcile your accounts as per the day before; no more downloading, re-formatting and uploading. This gives you a quick and accurate insight into your business without having to manually upload receipts, invoices or payments. You are also able to make automatic payments via Xledger. We continually strive to improve our software to save you time and because Xledger is up in the cloud, all updates can be released to clients instantly.

Xledger: New Release

April 4, 2014

Xledger is committed to continually developing and improving our accounting software. Because our software is in the cloud, the developments get rolled out to our clients instantly. We release a software update every quarter and the latest developments, released on Sunday 23 March, brought some exciting new features. The main highlight is a new pivot chart report with extended analysis capability for financial data. The simple user interface, with drag and drop capability, and support for multiple data dimensions, allows you to slice your results in a variety of different ways. The different types of display help you identify trends

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Xledger UK Customer & Partners Event

March 28, 2014

Last Wednesday, we held a partners and customers event at our UK headquarters, in Bristol.  Jarle Sky, our founder, travelled over from Colorado to reveal the latest exciting updates of the software to UK partners and clients. We received some great feedback from clients, while some accountancy firms who partner with us announced that they would be implementing Xledger for all of their clients. As well as the latest updates, Jarle revealed some big plans for Xledger. In Norway, where the software was first launched, Xledger’s innovative cloud-based ERP software has dominance of the market, and he is hoping that

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Xledger Terms & Conditions

February 28, 2014

Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Xledgers relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. The term ‘Xledger’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is 10 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6BN, UK. Xledger is registered in England and Wales, company registration number 07082723. The

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