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Full Service Events Agency Bluehat Go-Live with Xledger

June 22, 2015

Bluehat’s CEO Tim Shepley, Head of Finance Duncan Lynn and Tim Hooper of Xledger.

Full service events agency adopt Xledger Cloud Finance & Project Accounting System. Team building business Bluehat has gone live with cutting edge cloud-based software provided by Xledger as part of an ambitious growth strategy. With offices in London and Hertfordshire plus a US subsidiary in Washington DC, Bluehat is a market leader in corporate team building events, with over 60 FTSE100 companies amongst its client base. The firm had been reviewing systems and procedures as part of an efficiency drive – and is now reaping the benefits after implementing Xledger’s cloud-based finance and business information system. Set up 15 years

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Energy regeneration business, Zeropex, turns to Xledger for green ERP solution

June 10, 2015


Zeropex UK Ltd, which designs and manufactures turbines for the water industry, is implementing Xledger, the Cloud Accounting and Financial Management system, to improve control of their project accounting. Zeropex UK is a subsidiary of Zeropex AS, which is headquartered in Norway. The holding company, Energreen AS, develops brand new concepts for regeneration of energy. As a project based organisation Zeropex UK required a cost effective system with the functionality to allow them better financial control of their projects. Energreen AS had already implemented Xledger and the four subsidiaries, including Zeropex UK feed into the Energreen system. The system has

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Revenue Recognition – Made Easier Through The Cloud

September 4, 2014

The saying: “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash flow is reality” retains an enduring resonance because all too often organisations fall into the trap of equating impressive sales results with hard cash in the bank. When organisations make this assumption it’s a sure sign that they will experience financial difficulties in the not too distant future, simply because they counted their metaphorical chickens before they’d hatched. Financial decision-making cannot be based merely upon sales figures because there are a number of uncontrollable variables that businesses are faced with that potentially prevent deals etched on the sales ledger from

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The Ubiquity of Excel and Traditional Reporting

August 26, 2014

With the release of Microsoft Office 2010 came the introduction of Sparklines – cell-sized line graphs that depict data trends in Excel. An undeniably nifty feature of what is the 15th iteration of a program that first debuted in 1985; such a move could be interpreted by critics as window dressing of what is an increasingly outmoded software when it comes to reporting. Despite the rise of dedicated reporting tools and business analytics, the ubiquity of Microsoft Office in the enterprise is such that Excel remains the slightly aged but undisputed king of reporting, regardless of its faults. From company

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The Costs of Traditional Accounting Systems Vs. Cloud Accounting Software

August 7, 2014

If you’re currently considering a Accounting system for your organisation, I’m sure that you’ll agree it’s a bit of a minefield. First, you have to decide whether or not it’s a full-function or a less capable Accounting solution that you require. Systems providing seamless integration of modules, enhanced scalability, and superior underlying technologies all come at a cost. Despite these factors, however, probably the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether to select a cloud-based Accounting solution or one that’s installed locally. The Cost of Deployment On-premise Accounting systems require large upfront investment in order to procure the necessary hardware,

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Xledger AS has been audited in accordance with ISAE 3402 Type II

July 30, 2014

Xledger AS has been audited in accordance with ISAE 3402 Type II. ISAE 3402 Type II is an international assurance standard for internal control in service organizations. The audit ensures that services outsourced to Xledger are carried out with the right quality. EY conducts an audit in accordance with ISAE 3402 Type II for Xledger annually. Read more about this assurance standard on

KPIs Hold the Key to ERP Success

July 18, 2014


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are business management software platforms that enable organisations large and small to collect, store, manage, and most importantly use mission critical information to produce strategic insights and improve operational performance. Although a departmental necessity, when organisations are carved up into HR, finance, manufacturing and sales & marketing functions for example, information-sharing barriers are created, which significantly harms the prospects of achieving high-level business objectives and goals. Without continuous, conscious, and clear feedback being facilitated between business units: staff lack visibility over the periodic and routine actions of their colleagues; thereby decreasing the likelihood of organisational

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Getting up Close and Personal with Acconomy

July 2, 2014

In today’s accounting world, adding value to your clients’ business can make the difference for them between financial success and failure. We recently created a new partnership with accountancy firm Acconomy, who were looking to do just that. Acconomy wanted to make sure they offered proactive accountancy, to be seen as trusted advisors, and to create an ‘annuity’ practice. At the recent Accountex exhibition in Excel we explained to an audience of accountants in practice and in industry how cloud technology has provided the tools that have allowed this goal to become a reality. In the traditional world of accountancy

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Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining an ERP: The Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions

June 19, 2014

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an integrated software package, which connects business processes and functions from the back office to frontline staff, by facilitating the flow of business critical information throughout the organisation. Promising significant payback in terms of efficiency and process improvements, traditionally ERP systems have been both costly and time consuming to implement and maintain, discouraging widespread adoption in both large-scale and smaller business operations. Only recently have ERP systems come back onto the agenda for many strategic and IT decision makers due to the rise of cloud-based technologies. Taking considerable legwork out of traditional installation,

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Is Financial Data Secure in the Cloud?

June 5, 2014

Proven to deliver comprehensive efficiency gains and significant cost savings, more and more core business processes are being migrated to the cloud. From HR and marketing to product development and manufacturing, cloud based applications and services are everywhere, but are the potential risks involved too high when it comes to the handling of financial data? Or do the benefits of cloud adoption outweigh any drawbacks in today’s competitive business environment? In this post we take a brief look at the issue of cloud safety, what it means for businesses handling financial data, and discuss how a risk-based approach can empower

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