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Value Added Integration

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Seamlessly integrate with other critical systems and benefit from common third party integrations


Integrating an on-premise accounting system with other systems can be challenging. Not only does it require costly in-house expertise but also the time to commit to the process.

These days it’s common for accounting systems to be integrated with other systems like Payroll and CRM to improve the quality of management information you can extract. Moving to a cloud accounting system negates the cost, time and expertise require to do this as the Cloud vendors, like Xledger, take responsibility.

Integration programmes, known as API’s, developed for one Xledger customer are available to all. This can include integrations with:

  • Other common systems like CRM, HR and Payroll.
  • Major Banks for live bank reconciliation.
  • VIES database for automatic VAT number validation.
  • Companies House for automatic invoice population.

Not only does this mean you can swiftly and seamlessly integrate with other critical systems it also means you benefit from wider third party integrations. Xledger provide live integration with most banks enabling you to benefit from automatic bank reconciliation and live visibility of your balance sheet and cashflow forecast.

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