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Simpler Systems Landscape

productWhy Cloud – Simpler Systems Landscape

Standardise on a single accounting platform organisation wide in the cloud


According to a report by Longitude Research the average accounting systems landscape within an organisation is highly fragmented.

  • By mid-2014 only 19% of organisations had managed to standardise on just one accounting system.
  • 32% had between 2-5, 24% between 6-10, 17% between 11-20 and 8% had even more.

Few finance professionals, if any, would dispute that this has been driven by the inflexibility of on-premise accounting systems that require a standalone implementation at individual locations. Again, even fewer would dispute the advantages of standardising all these systems onto a common platform.

The advantages are both crystal clear and compelling:

  • Standardisation drives huge efficiency and productivity gains as organisations are able to streamline key financial processes.
  • Its costly to maintain disparate systems and to provide bespoke interfaces between them.

Cloud accounting systems remove this complexity. They enable your entire organisation – regardless of location – to adopt the same solution and the same processes organisation wide. With Xledger you can have new sites up and running on the system in hours. No need for a costly separate implementation and the splintering of your financial systems landscape.

In addition Xledger also provides modular functionality for Timesheets, Expenses, Live Bank Integration, the full Purchase to Pay lifecycle, Invoicing, Multi-company Consolidation, Business Intelligence and more on a single accounting platform.

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