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Marketing, Media and PR Agencies need to keep abreast with modern technology to maintain a creative and competitive advantage. Their in-house systems should enable management to instantly understand the profitability of their different projects and allow them to closely monitor cash flow.

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The Xledger Advantage

For an Agency Owner, or Manager, Xledger provides a modern, comprehensive system to easily manage the lifecycle of a project, from beauty parade to cash, including time tracking, resource planning, project accounting and invoicing. Utilising cloud technology to provide a software as a service solution means that Xledger is ideally placed to support the requirements of an Agency that is continually developing, so that vital management information is constantly accessible whenever and wherever required, and via any device.

Xledger helps Agencies gain a full real-time picture of project performance and profitability:

  • Instantly identify overrunning campaigns
  • Control costs & track campaign performance against budget
  • Instantly view cash position & forecasts
  • Track campaign time & expenses
  • Ensure accurate & timely invoicing
  • Handle fixed price, repeat & subscription billing
  • Access any time, any place, anywhere
  • Minimise IT system ownership costs


What our clients say about us

Agilyx Group is a leading global change-ready technology services organisation in Australia and UK. Agilyx leverages the 10-year foundation of technology services excellence established and perfected by Williams Woodward and continues to offer the same proven methodology of project management and support to their new and existing customer base throughout the United Kingdom. With that, Agilyx UK now brings the global expertise of Agilyx Group, a 16 year old Australian based ERP specialist consultancy enabling Agilyx UK to expand their offering to a full range of services including Managed Services, Cloud Services, ERP Health Checks, Training, Development Services and a more sophisticated Support Services model with support staff in a range of time zones.

The power of cloud-based systems such as Xledger is already widely recognised allowing companies, including ourselves, t... Show all

The power of cloud-based systems such as Xledger is already widely recognised allowing companies, including ourselves, to have access to current financial and business information 24/7 - rather like walking around with your latest balance sheet in your pocket. Show less

Andrea Williams

Managing Director at williamswoodward