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Operational Efficiencies

settingsWhy Cloud – Operational Efficiencies

Take financial process automation to the next level in the cloud


Any system, whether on-premise or cloud, that automates an otherwise manual administrative or financial process will enable you to deliver efficiency gains.

Traditional on-premise accounting systems can help you to streamline many core financial processes but struggle if a process involves more than one location and if the people involved in the process are not firmly tethered to their desks.

Cloud accounting systems enable you to leverage that inherent accessibility and take automation to the next level. Multi-entity consolidation, real-time MI and full purchase to pay are key examples of processes that on-premise systems struggle to deliver without additional spreadsheet workarounds.

  • Cloud accounting systems like Xledger enable you to consolidate organisation wide, in real-time, leading to an instantaneous close. Collating spreadsheets from multiple sites and uploading them to a central accounting system is a thing of the past.
  • The same applies to the purchase to pay process. Organisations that use Xledger are able to post and pay supplier invoices within 3 clicks of a mouse from any location at any time.

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