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Xledger And Williams Woodward Bring the Power of Cloud Computing to the Education Market

Xledger And Williams Woodward Bring the Power of Cloud Computing to the Education Market

May 18, 2017

Xledger and Williams Woodward launch an exciting new venture, building on a well established partnership, focused on helping colleges save money and integrate systems following Government area reviews


Cloud-computing specialist Xledger and consultancy firm Williams Woodward have announced they are extending their partnership to bring the benefits of the Xledger cloud-based financial management system to the education market.

The Xledger system, a complete web-based finance and business information-system, provides schools and colleges with access to real-time management and financial information. This enables them to focus fully on their organisational challenges and make smarter decisions about the way they deploy resources.

Xledger also helps education providers to significantly reduce ongoing IT infrastructure costs. Overall, the total cost of ownership of a cloud accounting system such as Xledger is estimated to be 50% less than that of a typical on-premise system.

“What’s become clear from our recent engagement with tertiary education providers – particularly those already dealing with the outcome of the Government’s area reviews – is that that they have a pressing need to create new organisational structures quickly but with fewer resources,” says Andrea Williams, Managing Director at Williams Woodward. “They also face the challenge of multiple integration issues that need to be addressed while still providing timely and accurate financial data. Together, Xledger and Williams Woodward can meet that challenge.”

Using their experiences and ability to execute well-structured projects by following their in-house methodology ‘Doable Project Management’, the Williams Woodward team will look to bring the full benefits of the Xledger system to the UK marketplace during 2017.

Andrea Williams, Managing Director at Williams Woodward, adds: “The power of cloud-based systems such as Xledger is already widely recognised allowing organisations to have access to up to date financial and business information 24/7. This, combined with Williams Woodward ability to respond to our customer’s requirements then rapidly and confidently deploy the Xledger solution, makes this a compelling solution for colleges.”

Jo Sutton, Head of Operations at Xledger UK confirms this view: “Ambitious organisations looking for a true partnership with their finance system provider, one who can support them and help them to optimise their use of their finance system as they continue to grow and change will benefit from a relationship with Xledger and Williams Woodward.”

Helge Strømme, Xledger UK Chief Executive Officer agrees. “Successful partnerships are dependent on a mutual understanding of each organisation’s business values and objectives. Our relationship with Williams Woodward works because we have a strong and joint belief that providing a positive and engaging experience for our customers is fundamental to both project and long term relationship success.”


About Xledger

Founded in 2001 in Palo Alto, California by Jarle Sky – with a vision to simplify and automate financial management – Xledger now works with some 8000 customers in over 50 countries around the globe, supported from offices in the UK, US, Norway and Sweden, and via a network of 80 partners which include international accounting firms like KPMG and BDO.

For further information contact:
Tim Hooper 07702 934907


About Williams Woodward

Williams Woodward offer unrivalled knowledge and expertise in helping clients implement new business systems and manage change effectively. That expertise is based on in-depth knowledge and lessons learned from years of direct experience implementing business systems and managing change across organisations of all sizes.

The Williams Woodward approach is based on a thorough understanding of the people and organisational dynamics involved in project and systems change management.
Williams Woodward was established in 2006 by Andrea Williams and Clive Woodward, and have over 100 customers throughout the UK.

For further information contact:
Hayley Dickenson 07976 364798

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