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8 Steps to Successful Finance System Selection

8 Steps to Successful Finance System Selection

July 20, 2015

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Step by Step Guide 

8 Steps to Successful Finance System Selection


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Considering a new finance system?

Selecting a new system is a business critical decision – and one we all hope to get right first time. The selection process can be complicated, and lengthy, and its all too easy to lose sight of your key requirements in the face of relentless system demonstrations.

This Guide aims to demystify the whole process, outlines 8 key steps to keep you on course and will help you: 

  • Ensure Board-level involvement and build the right team to meet with suppliers.
  • Succinctly define your requirements and ensure they meet Board expectations.
  • Step beyond the traditional feature / function list and prioritise key business drivers during the process.
  • Avoid specifying requirements based on how you already do things – technology moves quickly and it pays to keep an open mind.
  • Manage internal expectations and identifying those requirements that will have the greatest positive impact.

Ensure you can differentiate between suppliers, and their extravagant claims, and make the best choice for your organisation.

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