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Welcome on Board Representative Body of the Church in Wales!

Welcome on Board Representative Body of the Church in Wales!

November 17, 2017

Paul Ricciardi - Xledger

Blog written by Cloud Specialist Paul Ricciardi of Xledger UK

We are pleased to welcome our new client on board, the Representative Body of the Church in Wales.

The Xledger ERP Cloud contract was very recently signed, following an accelerated sales process.

The role of the Representative Body of the Church in Wales is to hold and carefully manage its financial and property assets so that the work of the Church, as carried out through its Archbishop, Bishops, Clergy and Lay People can flourish. The property managed by the Representative Body includes the cathedrals, churches, and clergy houses in Wales.

The income generated from the investments it holds is used to provide grants to support the work of the Church in each diocese, to contribute towards clergy pensions and a range of services provided by the provincial office.

The Representative Body of the Church of Wales wanted a modern system to replace its existing accounting package which has been in use for the past 27 years. Xledger is now working on setting up their new system to provide management and financial reports online, eliminate multiple subsystems, spreadsheets and many manual processes as well as to establish strong financial and payment security measures.

The Representative Body for the Church in Wales will be busy working with our consultants over the coming weeks, and look forward to going live in early 2018. We look forward to helping their finance team unlock the benefits of Xledger, so that they can enjoy the benefits of automation, insight and scalability.

Not-for-profit clients Xledger work with include:

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