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The Future of Cloud for College Finance Departments

The Future of Cloud for College Finance Departments

June 20, 2016

Campaign Image - The Future of Cloud for College Finance Departments - A Finance Directors Guide

Executive Briefing     

The Future of Cloud for College Finance Departments 


What should the Modern College Finance Director consider when moving to the Cloud?

This Executive Briefing is essential reading for College Finance Professionals currently pondering a move to the Cloud.


Download your Free Executive Briefing - College FD Cloud Guide

By all accounts the cloud has made a profound impact on the College landscape.  Few College Finance Directors doubt the wisdom of eventually moving to the cloud – for the most part it is just a matter of time.  Yet many are unaware that not all clouds are the same.

‘Hosted’, ‘Hybrid’ or ‘Managed’ and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or ‘True Cloud’ are markedly different options and for the unwary, the wrong decision could lead to a dead end by simply replicating the limitations of legacy on-premise solutions in a new cloud environment.

This free Executive Briefing will help you:

  • Differentiate between On-Premise, Hybrid, Hosted, Managed and True Cloud finance systems.
  • Make an informed decision about which of these bewildering Cloud finance system types is best for your College.
  • Understand why True Cloud matters to ambitious Colleges looking to run a more efficient finance function.
  • Evaluate the benefits and trade-off’s of adopting a True Cloud finance system.



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