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Structural Engineers Davies Maguire + Whitby gear up for Growth with Xledger

Structural Engineers Davies Maguire + Whitby gear up for Growth with Xledger

June 22, 2015

From left to right: Seamus Maguire, Des Mairs, Gareth Davies & Mark Whitby.

Structural Engineering Consultancy makes Cost & Time Savings after Implementing Xledger’s Cloud Finance & Project Accounting system.

Leading structural engineering consultancy Davies Maguire + Whitby have implemented cutting edge cloud-based Xledger software to maximise cashflow and project controls as it looks to realise ambitious growth targets.

London-based Davies Maguire + Whitby has worked on numerous major projects in the UK and abroad, specialising in structural engineering, bridge design and geotechnical engineering.

Set up in 2010, the business has been growing year on year and has a sister office in Dubai, with plans to open more across the UK in the coming years.

Directors Gareth Davies, Seamus Maguire, Des Mairs and Mark Whitby had been reviewing systems and procedures as part of a growth plan and are now reaping the benefits after implementing Xledger’s innovative cloud-based finance, project accounting and business information system.

The initial phase of the implementation went live within two months, resulting in improved visibility of project costs around timesheets and expenses, with the next phase involving bringing invoicing processes onto the system.

Seamus Maguire estimates that the business has saved between one and two days of director time since the adoption of Xledger.

He says the main motivation was to have the infrastructure in place as the business expands over the next few years, so that ultimately it can manage all of its financial functions.

“Until we adopted Xledger we were running two systems – one for financial management and one for project planning – which didn’t actually ‘talk to each other,’” he says.

“Increasingly we wanted to be able to access a snapshot of what money was coming in and out of the business, so we began looking for a system that would enable us to do just that.

“I think the fact that we were a relatively new and ambitious business meant that we were willing to invest in a system that would allow us to grow, and as the market fluctuates over time, one where cashflow and resource management are linked.

“We discovered that Xledger was a lot easier to pick up and much more user-friendly than previous systems, and we liked the fact that we could tailor and adapt our use over time.

“As a consultancy, most of our projects involve fixed fees, so Xledger allows the directors to plan out who is working on which project, how many hours they will spend on it, and how much they will earn the business in fees.

“In addition it means we can get a live update on what each member of staff is costing in terms of all outgoings such as pensions, employee benefits, office rent and service charges, and because Xledger is cloud-based, we don’t have to run any internal servers.”

“Xledger tells the directors what is happening in the business at any given time and it lets them control the things that need to be controlled, with a minimal amount of cost and effort. In this way it is challenging the way that most other systems operate,” adds Jo Sutton, operations director at Xledger.

“Due to being in the cloud and to various other clever design elements, Xledger allows a business to set up another office or division anywhere in the world, within a matter of hours.

“This means it is perfectly suited to businesses which are spread out geographically and/or have some degree of structural hierarchy and as Davies Maguire + Whitby grows over the coming years, this facet will become particularly pertinent.”

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About Davies Maguire +Whitby

Davies Maguire +Whitby is a structural engineering consultancy established and led by Gareth Davies, Seamus Maguire, Des Mairs and Mark Whitby.

Based in central London, the team has a complementary skill base and notable project experience gained from working together over many years on some of the most iconic projects in the UK and abroad.

Davies Maguire and Whitby has a history of delivering award winning, sustainable projects and the consultancy specialise in the areas of structural engineering, bridge design and geotechnical engineering.


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