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Save Money by using True Cloud ERP over ‘Cloud In Disguise’

Save Money by using True Cloud ERP over ‘Cloud In Disguise’

May 2, 2014

In today’s world, cloud technology is becoming a big part in the way we store, access and share data, and it’s now starting to become the chosen way that businesses choose to do their ERP.

But are you using a true cloud ERP system or ‘cloud in disguise’?

To keep up with the changes, some companies that weren’t traditionally cloud are now changing their systems to offer delivery over the Internet to appear to offer a cloud solution. But although these systems may offer aspects that are similar, they can’t offer the same benefits of a true cloud ERP system and are often more costly for your business.

Here are a few reasons why true cloud applications offer better value for money than ‘cloud in disguise’ (hosted applications).

1. The application only requires a web browser for access, not a VPN or other emulation software. So access is reliable, there is much less to go wrong.

2. The application will be built with a certain level of resilience if the Internet signal is interrupted, so even if the connection is broken the session remains active. For example, it is possible to work on the train.

3. Any web browser can be used to access the application. Some applications that have been ported from an older technology work with only one browser.

4. There is one installation of the software, so if you find a problem with the software then everyone will have the same problem and it will be easy and fast for the software supplier to fix it.

5. There is one installation of the software, so as soon as the author releases new functionality or a patch, it will be available to all users.

6. If you need support, then the support consultant can access the same system as you from wherever they are. They don’t need to have access to special software to dial in.

7. With multiple organisations accessing the same installation, you benefit from being able to share resources at a lower cost.

8. As all resources are focused on supporting a single installation the software supplier can provide a reliable service at a lower cost.


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