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Selecting a Charity Accounting System – The Complete Guide for Charity Finance Professionals

Selecting a Charity Accounting System – The Complete Guide for Charity Finance Professionals

June 19, 2017


Selecting a new Charity Accounting System

The Complete Guide for Charities & Non Profits

This series of 4 reports provides charity & non profit finance professionals with step by step guidance to the entire charity accounting system selection process from requirements identification and system selection to implementation and beyond.


  • Identify the risks and weaknesses of your current charity accounting system.
  • Recognise when it’s time to step up from a traditional system.
  • Assess the business benefits of cloud accounting system adoption.
  • Review your cloud options and what the future holds for charities in the cloud.
  • Understand the key steps involved in the new system selection process.
  • Learn how to navigate the complex process of system implementation.


Report 1     A guide to cloud accounting for charities 

Investigate why cloud accounting systems matter to forward thinking charities who want to improve the financial health of their organisations. Differentiate between on-premise, hybrid, hosted and true cloud and evaluate the benefits and trade-off’s.

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Report 2    Factors driving the rapid adoption of cloud accounting in charities

Learn why cloud accounting systems are being so rapidly adopted by charities and understand the key benefits you can expect to experience.

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Report 3     Charity accounting system selection 

This report demystifies the whole system selection process and outlines 8 key steps to help you make the best choice for your charity.

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Report 4     Charity accounting system implementation 

Having selected the right charity accounting system ensure you bring the implementation in on time and on budget with these 5 key steps to successful implementation.

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Learn More     Accounting systems in the cloud for charities

Learn more about how Xledger customers like The Salvation Army, The Church of England and CURE International are running leaner more efficient finance departments in the cloud.

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