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Cloud Accounting for Care Home Operators

Cloud Accounting for Care Home Operators

June 23, 2015

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Running a geographically dispersed Care Home operation is a challenging prospect at the best of times.

Falling occupancy rates, decreasing fee levels and rising staff costs have left many Care Home Operators looking for cost savings and efficiency gains across their operations.

Even the big boys like Four Seasons, Bupa and HC-One are feeling the pinch – according to their stark warning in the FT back in March – ‘Care Home Owners Warn on Spending Cuts’.

How do you improve financial performance and profitability, whilst maintaining standards of care, in the face of these challenges?

Many of Care Home Operators peers have turned to Cloud technology to deliver cost savings and efficiency gains across their businesses.

  • Quickly deploy one secure, scalable, modern and easy to use finance system across all sites.
  • Free yourself from costly up-front investment in licensing and IT infrastructure.
  • Deliver major efficiency gains by simplifying financial processes company wide.
  • Make better decisions with real-time financial insight into profitability at care home and HQ level.
  • Improve care home financial performance by empowering local Managers with all the facts.

With reduced costs, care home specific functionality, easier access and no IT headaches it’s no surprise Care Home Owners are making the move to the Cloud.

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