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ERP Purchaser, Beware The Yes Men!

ERP Purchaser, Beware The Yes Men!

November 1, 2017

Pete Hucker

Author: Peter Hucker, Xledger UK Consultant When it comes to ERP (Customisation vs. Configuration), my main advice to you is – Beware The Yes Men. Unless you have an endless supply of money, you will be concerned about getting the right fit in your choice of ERP cloud accounting software. During the procurement stage of an ERP software, you need to make sure that the solution can do absolutely everything you need. Right? You need a system that is highly configurable. But, what you can’t configure, you can script! Fantastic. Right? Well, not always. The more flexible a system by

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Why Old school ERP Needed a Rebirth

October 31, 2017

Next Generation Cloud ERP

‘Old school’ ERP was always destined for obsolescence. A revolution back in the 80s, it enabled enterprises to plan for best use of collective resources, beit cash, people or skills and as a result, firms quickly came to view it as a vital business tool. Designed to capture Accounting and other Ops events, moving transactions between systems, and assisting fragmented silo working – ERP systems promoted real efficiency within companies. This was 30+ year ago.  How have they actually endured so long? Who still uses VCR, cassette tapes, disposable cameras, dial-up modems, fax machines, CRT monitors, or floppy disks?! But what exactly makes traditional

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Challenges of Digital Transformation for Charities/NFPs

October 30, 2017

Digital Transformation in the Charity and Not for Profit Sector - Challenges that lie ahead - Xledger download

The Digital Transformation Series for Charities/NFPs – part 1 Charities and Not-for-Profits have been encouraged to embrace Digital Transformation as a way of achieving much-needed efficiency savings as they grapple with tightened funding. Successful digital transformation requires investment, charity trustees need real confidence in the belief that using previous cash in the short-term to achieve medium to long-term results is going to be worth it. Equally, there lies a risk in not engaging with current thinking, could your organisation get left behind? Digital transformation sounds exciting, contemporary and full of promise in its ability to bring real change through technology. However,

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Why Cloud Support Beats On-Premise Hands Down

October 13, 2017

Zheng Zeng - Xledger Cloud ERP Consultant

Zheng Zeng explains why Cloud Support Beats on-Premise Processes ‘With a multi-tenanted cloud based system if an error is reported, it is fixed and repaired for all customers in the live environment. You don’t have to wait for three months before a patch is rolled out from the vendor and then have the hassle of asking IT to install the patch for you.’ As the lead cloud support expert at Xledger and having worked across the industry I can heavily vouch for the fact that good tech support is not always a given when you are managing your enterprise resource planning

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How to Choose an ERP in 11 Steps

August 18, 2017

Young bearded Caucasian manager sitting in office in stress and having trouble while working at laptop

UK Expert: Tim Hooper, UK Sales and Marketing Director So it’s been agreed in your organisation – you need a new ERP system, but you’re not sure where to start? I’m sure you’ve heard many a cautionary tale, where seemingly healthy businesses literally belly-flop onto the wrong system. Simplistic claims are abound, it’s hard to discern the truth. You’re not sure who to ask the most basic questions to.  You’re no-doubt wondering: What is a cloud solution? What are the reasons for favouring cloud over on-premise? Where does hybrid ERP fit into the bigger picture? Our team of UK experts recommend this 11 step guide to

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Xledger is now in the ‘G-Cloud’

August 10, 2017

XLedger Joins G-Cloud - UK Government's digital marketplace

Author: Tim Hooper, Sales and Marketing Director, Xledger UK Xledger joins major players Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and IBM in the list of G-Cloud suppliers. Xledger is a leading industry ERP product with a dedicated team of experts in implementing and managing ERP projects and we are now in G-Cloud 9, the UK’s government Digital Marketplace and online procurement system with recent G-Cloud accreditation.  This allows Xledger to provide the Xledger product suite and supporting services available via the government’s Digital Marketplace, the online procurement service that gives public sector and non-profit customers easy access to government certified suppliers. Xledger

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The Future of Cloud for Finance – The Risks of Hybrid, Hosted & Managed Cloud

August 2, 2017

Campaign Image - The Future of Cloud for Finance - The Risks of Hybrid, Hosted & Managed Cloud

Part 2     The Risks of Hybrid, Hosted & Managed Cloud It is a commonly held view that hybrid environments (in which some applications reside in the cloud and others on-premise) are set to become the norm as organisations transition to the cloud over the next decade. For instance, Gartner the analyst firm says nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017. But for the unwary this presents a significant risk to data integrity and reporting.  Gartner also offered an alternative vision by announcing the era of “post-modern ERP” in which it is envisaged

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The Future of Cloud for Finance – The Benefits of True Cloud

August 1, 2017

Campaign Image - The Future of Cloud for Finance - The Benefits of True Cloud

Report 5     The Benefits of True Cloud for Charities   Why does True Cloud matter? Uniquely, multi-tenanted software has to be developed that way and, most notably, it is not really feasible to convert a typical on-premise application designed to be used by one organisation at a time into a multi-tenanted solution.  This is why unscrupulous vendors with ageing on-premise products are tempted to describe their hosted or managed products as cloud-based solutions. Furthermore, by charging a monthly subscription rather than an upfront perpetual licence fee some attempt to disguise a hosted or managed environment as a true cloud solution. All

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The Future of Cloud for Finance

August 1, 2017

Scaled Campaign Image - The Future of Cloud for Finance

Executive Briefing   The Future of Cloud for Finance    What should the Modern CFO consider when moving to the Cloud? This Executive Briefing comes to us from Gary Simon, CEO of FSN, Founder of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs and leading authority on the financial systems market. By all accounts the cloud has made a profound impact on the business landscape.  Few CFOs doubt the wisdom of eventually moving to the cloud – for the most part it is just a matter of time.  Yet many CFOs are unaware that not all clouds are the same. “Hosted”, “managed” and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or

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Step by Step Guide to Charity Accounting System Selection

July 14, 2017


Step by Step Guide 8 Steps to Successful Charity Accounting System Selection   Considering a new accounting system for your Charity or Not for Profit? Selecting a new charity accounting system is a critical decision – and one we all hope to get right first time. The selection process can be complicated, and lengthy, and it’s all too easy to lose sight of your key requirements in the face of relentless system demonstrations. This Guide aims to demystify the whole process, outlines 8 key steps to keep you on course and will help you: Ensure Trustee and Leadership team involvement and build

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