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Xledger: Supporting Public Protection Work in the UK

Xledger: Supporting Public Protection Work in the UK

November 16, 2017

Xledger testimonial - Public Protection Agency

We recently caught up with one of our clients who are nearly one year into Xledger Cloud ERP as clients.  We are really pleased with what they said about us! Clearly we are seeing how automation, insight and scalability is saving time and money for this public protection agency in the UK.

Church of England Birmingham’s Journey to Cloud ERP

November 9, 2017


Original interview with Natalie Moyce of Xledger UK and Melanie Crooks (FD at CoE Diocese of Birmingham). Six months after on-boarding (January 2017), Xledger visited the diocese’s Finance Director Melanie Crooks to learn how their journey to cloud ERP went. The Church of England diocese of Birmingham is part of a large and complex organisation comprising 42 dioceses across England and Europe.  The Birmingham diocese covers 300 square miles and includes parishes in the West Midlands like Birmingham and parts of Solihull, Sandwell, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. The organisation promotes, facilitates and assists advancement of the Christian faith with a clergy and staff team of  around 220,

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Why Digital Transformation is Much More Than Going Paperless

November 3, 2017

More than going Paperless - Digital Transformation

Written by Jo Sutton, Head of Operations, Xledger UK Xledger recently published an eBook on the subject of digital transformation. It is something that is at the heart of what we are doing with our software and so has a very real meaning for our customers in the UK. But there is also a potential to go further – as we see from the experience of our colleagues in Scandinavia. Digital transformation is an increasingly-used term across all sectors. It sounds exciting, contemporary and full of promise in its ability to bring real change through technology. Simplistically, we are looking for

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First Stop: Does True Cloud Matter When Buying an ERP?

November 2, 2017

True Cloud

Written by Natalie Moyce, Xledger UK Since joining Xledger I have been learning about the customer journey for ERP Cloud buyers in the UK.  What is cloud, then the whole host of on-premise hybrids that have ensued since cloud started to take off.  What is a hosted solution?  And what is a ‘true cloud’ solution?  This holy grail of cloud definitions is enough to put anyone off at the first hurdle.  So let’s try to demystify and break down the complications and present the options here. While investment in cloud-based ERP systems more than doubled in 2016 (, reaching £60bn

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ERP Purchaser, Beware The Yes Men!

November 1, 2017

Pete Hucker

Author: Peter Hucker, Xledger UK Consultant When it comes to ERP (Customisation vs. Configuration), my main advice to you is – Beware The Yes Men. Unless you have an endless supply of money, you will be concerned about getting the right fit in your choice of ERP cloud accounting software. During the procurement stage of an ERP software, you need to make sure that the solution can do absolutely everything you need. Right? You need a system that is highly configurable. But, what you can’t configure, you can script! Fantastic. Right? Well, not always. The more flexible a system by

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Why Old school ERP Needed a Rebirth

October 31, 2017

Next Generation Cloud ERP

‘Old school’ ERP was always destined for obsolescence. A revolution back in the 80s, it enabled enterprises to plan for best use of collective resources, beit cash, people or skills and as a result, firms quickly came to view it as a vital business tool. Designed to capture Accounting and other Ops events, moving transactions between systems, and assisting fragmented silo working – ERP systems promoted real efficiency within companies. This was 30+ year ago.  How have they actually endured so long? Who still uses VCR, cassette tapes, disposable cameras, dial-up modems, fax machines, CRT monitors, or floppy disks?! But what exactly makes traditional

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Challenges of Digital Transformation for Charities/NFPs

October 30, 2017

Digital Transformation in the Charity and Not for Profit Sector - Challenges that lie ahead - Xledger download

The Digital Transformation Series for Charities/NFPs – part 1 Charities and Not-for-Profits have been encouraged to embrace Digital Transformation as a way of achieving much-needed efficiency savings as they grapple with tightened funding. Successful digital transformation requires investment, charity trustees need real confidence in the belief that using previous cash in the short-term to achieve medium to long-term results is going to be worth it. Equally, there lies a risk in not engaging with current thinking, could your organisation get left behind? Digital transformation sounds exciting, contemporary and full of promise in its ability to bring real change through technology. However,

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Why Cloud Support Beats On-Premise Hands Down

October 13, 2017

Zheng Zeng - Xledger Cloud ERP Consultant

Zheng Zeng explains why Cloud Support Beats on-Premise Processes ‘With a multi-tenanted cloud based system if an error is reported, it is fixed and repaired for all customers in the live environment. You don’t have to wait for three months before a patch is rolled out from the vendor and then have the hassle of asking IT to install the patch for you.’ As the lead cloud support expert at Xledger and having worked across the industry I can heavily vouch for the fact that good tech support is not always a given when you are managing your enterprise resource planning

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A Guide for Charities Managing International Data Flows

September 12, 2017

Managing International Data

UK and International Charities Data Protection and Management Series A Guide for UK and Global Charities Managing International Data Ensuring personal data belonging to staff, beneficiaries, donors and supporters is not compromised either through bad practice or having inadequate security in place is a challenge when working in the UK or within the EEA.  But for organisations operating globally it is even great, especially as the situation is less clear cut. While it is a recognised fact that flows of personal data to and from countries outside of the EU and International organisations are necessary for the expansion of International

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The Future is Automation, The Future is Cloud

September 4, 2017

Automation is Not AI, But it is the Future

A glance at the findings from Deloitte’s Automation Report, surveying UK’s accounting leaders. Written by Tim Hooper, Xledger UK Deloitte UK spent several years (starting in 2014) surveying clients and accounting leaders about their intentions toward automation. The resulting The Robots Are Coming, as a piece of research, reveals how financial ‘automation’ has influenced the corporate landscape.  According to Deloitte UK, the only strategic priority higher ranked than automation was ‘continuous process improvement.’ Automation through cloud In Deloitte’s survey, 15% of respondents called cloud computing a prominent tech goal. Data quality only received 10% of the vote, Social Media 2%. Archiving and documentation

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