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ERP Purchaser, Beware The Yes Men!

ERP Purchaser, Beware The Yes Men!

November 1, 2017

Pete Hucker

Author: Peter Hucker, Xledger UK Consultant

When it comes to ERP (Customisation vs. Configuration), my main advice to you is – Beware The Yes Men.

Unless you have an endless supply of money, you will be concerned about getting the right fit in your choice of ERP cloud accounting software. During the procurement stage of an ERP software, you need to make sure that the solution can do absolutely everything you need. Right? You need a system that is highly configurable. But, what you can’t configure, you can script! Fantastic. Right? Well, not always.

The more flexible a system by nature, the less ‘out of a box’ it is. The less ‘out of the box’ it is, the greater the complexity, the more specialists you then need, and the more time you need to configure it. What’s more, those who have gone down the scripting route have effectively created a product which only one or two developers really understand. Software updates become problematic, conflicting with custom code, and the organisation becomes beholden to a small number of people to support the backbone of the business.

If those developers are internal, how do you think they will feel during the next pay review? External? Ouch!

So, say you do go with a highly configurable system and your budget isn’t equivalent to the GDP of a small nation. What happens?

Well, the project starts, the system goes live (because it has to) but, the goal-posts move. “That’s phase two” the project manager will say, and words like “phased migration” will start to be thrown around in project meetings. However, the truth is, you spent so long configuring the basics that there’s no additional money left in the kitty for all those extra’s you bought the system for in the first place, but you didn’t quite get around to.

Why Xledger is Different

The Xledger ERP has a unique solution to solving the trade-off between configuration and an ‘out of the box’ solution. Built using a ‘hierarchical configuration’ structure, each domain automatically inherits the configuration of its parent. That domain can then tweaked, as required, and any children will inherit those changes.

By creating domains based on countries and industries, Xledger can provide industry specific tailored solutions, out of the box, leaving only the company specific configuration. For multi-entity structures, each time a new subsidiary is set up, there will be very little time wasted on configuring the new entity as the vast majority of the configuration has already been acquired from its parent.

What does that mean in practise? Faster, cost effective implementations leaving more time spent on those things that really matter.

So, can you script with Xledger? Unashamedly No.

Now, this may mean Xledger may not say yes to 100% of your requirements, we would rather do 95% really well, keep you on latest quarterly upgrade.

For more information on the difference between customisation and configuration of ERP cloud systems or to discuss your needs, contact us by email or ring 0117 329 1050.


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