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Lower Ownership Costs

billingWhy Cloud – Lower Costs & Higher ROI

Cloud accounting system ownership costs are 50% lower than traditional on-premise


When procuring a new accounting system the ability to transform a potentially significant IT capital expenditure into a lower cost operating expenditure will be highly attractive to the vast majority of organisations considering a system move.

This applies to both the upfront cost of on-boarding a new accounting system and the ongoing, sometimes hidden, costs of maintenance and support.


Lower Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership of a cloud accounting system like Xledger is considered to be 50% less than that of an on-premise system. With lower total costs, return on investment can often exceed triple-digit percentages, while payback timing is typically a fraction of on-premise, averaging only 3-6 months according to a recent study.

OpEx over CapEx for Software Licenses

On-premise accounting systems usually require a large upfront CapEx investment in product licenses and a large commitment in time and resources for implementation before any benefits are realised. In addition, we also have the significant ongoing cost, in time and money, to maintain and support the system internally. Other internal costs come in the form of hardware, servers, databases and training.

For cloud accounting systems like Xledger the cost scenario changes completely. The initial CapEx cost for product licences is replaced by a lower OpEx cost for a monthly subscription. We also host and maintain the system for you negating the need for an internal IT infrastructure and IT staff to provide support.

Say Goodbye to Upgrade Costs

Upgrades are disruptive to your organisation and also carry a high cost. Upgrading to the latest release of an on-premise accounting system interrupts day to day operations and costs you time and money when IT staff have to redeploy the new version. Any customisations you’ve made to the system need to be identified, tested, potentially rewritten and then re-installed. The same goes for any integrations you’ve made with other systems like CRM or systems.

In the cloud we take care of upgrades for you. At Xledger upgrades come in the form of ‘releases’ which occur painlessly behind the scenes every quarter. This ensures our customers are using the most cutting-edge financial software available.

Avoid Long Term Contracts

3 year? 5 years? What length contract do you normally have to commit to with your current on-premise provider?

At Xledger our customers don’t sign long term contracts and we don’t lock them in. Instead, we offer a flexible pay as you monthly subscription which you are able to walk away from at any time by giving 30 days’ notice. The cost of a monthly subscription with Xledger is also dependent on usage so, if you use Xledger less than normal, you pay less that month.

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