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Improved Scalability

sitemapWhy Cloud – Improved Scalability

Scale up or down in hours and only pay for what you use


Growth or change are often the key factors in a finance team deciding to review what systems they have in place. Most commonly this is down to a lack of functionality due to change or a lack of scalability due to growth.

The ability for your organisation to remain agile throughout whatever changes the market dictates is key to sustained growth and healthy financial performance. Unfortunately that essential agility is not a reality for many of us. A recent survey by Deloitte found that almost 50% of finance professionals reported that their on-premise accounting systems did not adapt well to changes in strategy, tactics or scale.

Cloud accounting systems, on the other hand, are easier to scale, giving you the flexibility to add more users or locations as your organisation evolves and the agility to cope with market changes.

On-premise systems don’t offer the same freedom — to give more staff access to the system it’s often necessary to provision additional hardware. To bring new sites or locations into play a new implementation and product licences are required.

With systems like Xledger the benefits of cloud reach even further. Xledger customers only pay for what they use. If you need to scale back the number of users the amount you pay per month decreases – that’s only fair after all.

Conversely, if you experience major growth you can bring new sites or locations online in a matter of hours. Any demands for increased hardware or processing capacity are met by Xledger. This ensures a high level of service availability is maintained.

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