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Greater Flexibility

customersWhy Cloud – Greater Flexibility

Access the Cloud anywhere anytime on any device


Our 24/7 mobile world has caused many organisations with on-premise accounting systems to opt for client or terminal server technology. This will, to a certain extent, enable staff to gain limited out of office hour’s access to an on-premise accounting system.

Whilst not yet outmoded, these technologies still need to be acquired, implemented and supported and will significantly add to the overall cost of ownership of your accounting system.

Cloud accounting systems, on the other hand, do not require that additional technology or spend. They are built, from the ground up, as web-based systems. Xledger can be accessed from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, from any device whether desktop or mobile. All you need is a browser to access the internet.

Cloud accessibility also brings with it far wider benefits. Xledger provide real-time dashboards at management level enabling your senior team to review management information and KPI’s on the go, at meetings or from home.

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