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The smart, actionable real-time analytics you need to make better decisions


Getting an accurate view of your organisation is challenging. Information is stored across multiple, disparate systems and manual data management processes are time-consuming and error-prone. From the board to the front lines, effective decision-making is compromised without reliable, timely data.

The Xledger cloud accounting system enables you to harness the power of built-in reporting and analysis integrated directly with your transactional processes.

Xledger presents vital information on real-time dashboards, graphs and KPIs, and provides powerful tools for analysing data, including pre-defined and customisable queries and reports. Budget-holders and Department Heads benefit from self-serve reporting with easy-to-use dashboards and tools accessible via any device, anytime anywhere.

Comprehensive and intuitive drill down and drill through, from summary information to the underlying transactions and documents, ensures full traceability for audit and control purposes.


  • Role-based Dashboards
  • 12 Dimension GL Analysis
  • Profit & Loss against Budget
  • Balance Sheet Status
  • Live Cashflow Forecast
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Drill Down & Drill Through
  • Customisable Reporting Structures
  • Full Audit Trail & Traceability
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Self-serve Reporting

Document Management

Our cloud based software provides intuitive document storage, which allows you to find the documents you need where you would expect.

  • The ability to drag and drop from your desktop directly into Xledger
  • Drill down to source documents
  • Access from any location and any device

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Throughout the product Xledger provides comprehensive and intuitive drill down and drill through from summary information to the underlying transactions and documents. This provides you with simple traceability for audit and control purposes.

  • The ability to specify advanced search criteria
  • Extra GL codes you can tailor to your business
  • Graphical displays of information

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When users log in to Xledger, you are presented with a home page tailored to your role; users are always presented with current information to support your decision making process.

  • Profit and loss and balance sheet reports at a glance
  • Cash flow forecast for the month ahead
  • Graphs and key performance indicators.

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