Xledger can be used to support the entire purchasing cycle

Use purchase orders to initiate the purchase of items for stock and resale or for internal consumption.  Orders can be raised for products held in the internal product catalogue, or a general product code can be used to enter the details of one-off purchases.

Making organisation specific purchasing analysis easily available

Users can track purchases by product, supplier, cost centre, project or by additional user defined analysis dimensions.  Users can enter a long description, supplier product code, agreed price, units and quantity. Purchase orders can be raised in any currency.

Xledger will support multiple price lists and different units, allowing you for example to buy in crates and sell in boxes.

Xledger provides a number of facilities to simplify the purchasing process, including order templates for repeat orders, automatic generation of purchase orders when stock levels drop below a pre-defined level and the ability to match invoices against purchase orders to simplify coding.