Incoming documents are scanned and read into Xledger directly

The GL coding will be proposed based on the supplier’s history. There is also support for additional workflow steps so that invoices can be approved at one or more levels.

If both the invoice sender and receiver are users of Xledger, the invoice can be sent as a system invoice. The invoice will then immediately appear in the inbox of the recipient, with suggestions for coding.

E-invoicing (EHF), both incoming and outgoing, is supported by Xledger. Xledger is also an e-invoice access point approved by Difi (the Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) which uses the PEPPOL infrastructure (Pan European Public Procurement Online), a European initiative that will align business processes for electronic procurement across all governments within Europe.

Banks can be integrated to automatically download relevant information

Banking systems will vary across different countries. In the UK the banks can be integrated for payments via BACS, import of bank statements and automatic posting of transactions from the bank statement. For example fees and other regular banking transactions can be recognised automatically and reconciled in the system.