We assist in the work of integration and import to ensure proper data flow between systems

Companies today usually operate a number of systems that are tailored to the various business processes. There is a growing need to integrate systems such as CRM, BI, e-commerce and payroll with the financial system.

To ensure the smooth transition of data from existing systems to Xledger we offer file upload, file import and a folder/web service.  Examples include customer and supplier data, customer and supplier transactions, general ledger transactions, bank data, employee data, products and banking information.

We can transfer a variety of data from a range of systems by simple import, file upload, and automatic import.

Companies that choose to integrate their existing systems with Xledger can expect to achieve a number of benefits.

Having updated data in Xledger and any other operational systems will reduce the need for manual intervention and give you a much better overview of your organisations current situation.