Xledger offers functionality that helps your company to achieve good liquidity control

The bank module is a central part of the Xledger system. Through this module we offer integration with most banks in the UK where you can see your latest bank statements and approve payments in the system.

You will no longer need to log onto your online banking system to make payments, download statements, update your finance system when payments have been made or update subledger accounts with details of the payment; Xledger completes the entries automatically. Bank reconciliation is also done automatically in the system, which means you only have to deal with exceptions.

We offer a broad range of functionality to streamline the working day, whether your bookkeeping is done in-house or by your accountant.

 The bank module contains the following functionality:

  • Cashbook
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • Bank statement import
  • Account balances
  • Automatic posting from the bank statement
  • Foreign currency bank accounts

Users of the integrated bank module will always have up-to-date bank account information

The information is easily accessible on the dashboard in the system. From a single page, the user will have an overview of expected in and outgoing payments, which are reflected in the liquidity forecast report.

Companies can also add a cash flow budget, and compare the budget against the cash flow forecast, which will result in a better overview and an effective way of controlling cash flow.