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Simplicity, Control & Freedom with Cloud Accounting Software


Our mission is empowering ambition.

It’s a simple way of saying that it’s our desire to be the financial management engine that propels our customers toward their aspirations and goals.

We inspire confidence. We can help you to maximise your strengths. We offer a strong basis for quality decisions. We give freedom to work when and where you choose. You can rest easy knowing you are fully informed. We help you to map a route towards greater efficiency, higher profits and lower costs. We help you adjust rapidly to change.

How does Xledger empower you?

Xledger cloud accounting software empowers ambitious organisations by simplifying day to day financial management, improving financial control through real-time insight and providing the freedom to focus on strategy and top line growth.


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Empowering Financial Operations

Simplify day to day operations through financial process automation for efficiency gains, cost reduction and increased productivity

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Empowering Financial Management

Improve financial control through real-time insight and reporting for improved management information and decision-making

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Empowering Financial Leadership

Step back from the immersion of day to day operations and gain the freedom to focus on strategy and top line growth

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