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Simplify day to day operations through financial process automation for efficiency gains, cost reduction and increased productivity



Simplicity empowers Financial Operations

Many organisations are still using disparate systems and spreadsheets to accomplish complex accounting and finance tasks. The various processes involved in closing the books, reconciling inter-company transactions, raising purchase orders, and tracking key finance controls are, for many, still completed the same way they were completed a generation ago – manually. With Xledger cloud accounting software all tasks are simplified and fully automated.

Simplify financial operations with innovative process automation in the cloud

Our Founders had a vision to simplify accounting – to provide solutions and functionalities that increase efficiency through financial process automation. That’s why you will find innovative automation throughout Xledger cloud accounting software. The value of automation is obvious: saving time and money, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

For example, the automatic recognition of invoices, vendors, and suggested journal entry postings which will provide efficiency gains. This can ultimately help the user save time and and reduce the risk of errors. This functionality does not only apply to handling of incoming invoices, but also to the processing of travel expenses, electronic work flow, invoicing, automatic bank reconciliation, subscription invoicing and automatic collection notices.

Financial process automation can reduce the time it takes to complete manual tasks by up to 80%

With Xledger cloud accounting software, you can scan, email or drag-and-drop invoices into the system which will automatically read them via OCR, extracting relevant information and presenting it to you, all but eliminating manual data entry. Taking it one step further, Xledger cloud accounting software also learns how you post specific types of transactions so that it can propose full journal entries to you.

Xledger cloud accounting software integrates directly with banks, enabling flexible payment processing and automated bank reconciliation on a daily basis. This saves numerous hours per month and yields real-time insight into your organisation’s current cash position. All of this is standard, with no third party add-ons needed.

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