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Step back from the immersion of day to day financial operations and gain the freedom to focus on strategy and top line growth 



Freedom empowers Financial Leadership

Xledger cloud accounting software provides the freedom and peace of mind of knowing that your organisation can evolve and grow without the need for significant headcount increase in order to operate, support and maintain your accounting system and data.

  • Setting up a new company or business unit is simple because the accounting matrix is already designed at the enterprise level.
  • Users can easily move between various entities and levels in the enterprise structure without logging in and out.
  • Enables accurate and up-to-date cash management across a distributed organisations, freeing up staff by centralising and/or automating back-office functions.
  • Implementation and setup for multi-entity organisations occurs simpler, faster, and more cost effectively than competitors.

Scalability for geographically dispersed or multi-entity organisations is a key differentiator for Xledger cloud accounting software. The basis for this differentiator is what we call the “inheritance principle.” Each level inherits the rules from the level immediately above. Deviations from these standards can be managed at the entity, sub-entity, or business unit level. For example, user roles and responsibilities, centralised vs. localised processes, business rules, and all workflow configuration can be freely defined at a centralised level or independently across entities. Data is updated in real-time for all units simultaneously.

Most organisation experience a tremendous amount of pain when they outgrow their accounting system, and potentially even more to transition to a new one. Choosing the right solution requires selecting one that facilitates multi-faceted growth. Many systems can scale up or down easily enough from a capability standpoint but unfortunately require linear growth in their administrative or technical workforce. Here Xledger cloud accounting software stands apart, enabling rapid on-boarding of departments, divisions, business units, or new and acquired companies – all with the ability to report both within each entity and across the entire organisation in a cohesive way, yet without the overhead traditionally required to operate and maintain such a system.

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